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How to Become a Tactical Medicine Instructor

NAEMT training programs are conducted through a network of authorized training centers. NAEMT collaborates with reputable training centers with the appropriate educational facilities, maintains connections with emergency medical service institutions, has a qualified medical director to provide medical oversight and guidance, and is committed to developing and maintaining a quality training program. One such center is PULSE.

All NAEMT-authorized training centers must use approved NAEMT instructors to conduct the training. To obtain a tactical medicine instructor certification, all of these requirements must be met:

інструктор такмед

  1. Have a higher or secondary medical education for full certification. If there is no medical education, the candidate can receive an instructor card at the CLS level (an exception for Ukraine).

  2. Successfully complete the entire provider course for the program you wish to be an instructor for, whether CLS or SMS, accordingly.

  3. Undergo an internship at PULSE - you help conduct the training, gradually taking on more topics until you are ready to conduct the training independently. The speed of this process depends on your initial level and the time you are willing to dedicate to the internship. Typically, this process takes several months.

  4. Be affiliated with at least one NAEMT Authorized Training Center.

  5. Completed the instructor training course. After this, you can become an instructor candidate.

  6. Candidates ready for certification must conduct their first training sessions under the supervision of an affiliated NAEMT instructor. An affiliated instructor can monitor candidates with a provider certification obtained no more than 18 months ago.

  7. Upon successful monitoring, the affiliated instructor fills out a positive evaluation of the candidate and submits it for review to the NAEMT headquarters.

Приклад сертифікату NAEMT

If all requirements are met, the candidate will eventually receive an instructor card of the appropriate level.

Currently, PULSE primarily considers combat veterans as potential tactical medicine instructors. If you are a veteran interested in learning a new profession, please email us at



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