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Tactical medicine for the Ukrainian military

Free training on tactical medicine (tamed) for units of the Ukrainian military, based on modern TCCC recommendations. We understand the importance of qualified medical training for those who defend our country and are committed to providing the best possible training for our defenders.

If you are a military member who wants to receive modern training for your unit, we invite you to participate in our courses. Registration for classes is carried out online.

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We train according to the programs:

ASM course
(All Service Members)

The most basic level of training and is aimed at military personnel without medical education or experience. The ASM course teaches five basic life-saving skills that will prepare Soldiers to care for casualties at the scene and help keep them alive until medical personnel arrive.

  • Тривалість: 16 годин / 2 дні

  • Кількість учасників: до 24

  • Вимоги до учасників: всі військовослужбовці можуть прийняти участь

CLS course
(Combat Life Saver)

Provides intermediate skills for fighters who will be involved in combat tasks. Rescue fighters receive more in-depth and specialized training, in particular, they learn to assist combat medics, for example, in converting and moving tourniquets.

  • Тривалість: 40 годин / 5 днів

  • Кількість учасників: до 20

  • Вимоги до учасників: бажано мати попередній досвід проходження тренінгів рівню ASM.

CMC course
(Combar Medic / Coprsman)

Designed for combat medics. Training medical personnel in more complex life-saving skills at the scene of injury.

  • Тривалість: 64 години / 8 днів

  • Кількість учасників: до 10

  • Вимоги до учасників: медична освіта або медична посада, гарне розуміння системи ТССС, бажано вже мати досвід проходження тренінгів рівню ASM / CLS. 

How it works

If you need training for the unit, leave your contact information and our representative will contact you to complete the application.



Depending on your needs, we choose the training program, determine the dates and solve other organizational issues.



If you wish, you can get international certification from NAEMT according to the level of learning (provided you successfully pass the training).


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