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PULSE and Estonian Defence Forces Initiate Unprecedented Cooperation in Tactical Medicine Training

PULSE and Estonian Defence Forces Initiate Unprecedented Cooperation in Tactical Medicine Training.

We are thrilled to announce a significant partnership between PULSE and the Estonian Armed Forces, in conjunction with the Estonian Military Academy (@kaitsevaeakadeemia) and NATO's Center for War and Disaster Medicine. This is a robust step in military-medical cooperation between our nations, and we are proud that PULSE is the first Ukrainian organization to train the Estonian Armed Forces.

Over the past 1.5 years, Estonia has provided unwavering support to Ukraine, offering humanitarian and military aid, accommodating wounded Ukrainian soldiers, training medics, and exchanging intelligence. Now, thanks to our joint initiative on tactical medicine training, the partnership between Ukraine and the European Union is taking a giant leap forward. In the long term, this will allow Estonian partners to better understand the Ukrainian context – hence they will be able to adjust training programs and provide more targeted support to Ukraine.

"The Estonian Defence Forces, in particular, the Center for Military Medicine and Disaster Medicine of the Estonian Military Academy, are committed to supporting Ukraine in every possible way. The Military Academy of Estonia as a training institution has already prepared over 100 combat medics for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and we will continue to do so. Accepting the best experts from PULSE, who share the latest experience during training and on the battlefield, will undoubtedly contribute to our awareness, enhance the knowledge and practical skills of our students, help us stay informed and be prepared for a potential crisis or war in the future," says Walter Voomets, Lieutenant / OF-1 from the Center for War and Disaster Medicine of the Estonian Military Academy.

We feel immense pride for this cooperation and anticipate a positive impact on both nations and a broader European security landscape.



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