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Vodafone Ukraine and PULSE have joined forces to save wounded soldiers

The PULSE charity foundation, dedicated to advancing tactical medicine in Ukraine, has joined forces with Vodafone Ukraine to launch a project to organize stabilization points in frontline areas. The project consists of two main stages:

  1. Training military medical personnel in blood transfusion techniques.

  2. Equipping frontline stabilization points with the necessary equipment for blood transfusion and storage.

In parallel, additional groups of medical instructors will be trained to pass on their knowledge to combat medics, thereby spreading the practice of early-stage blood transfusion.

The project is being implemented with the Ukrainian Transplant Coordination Center, following the Ministry of Health's roadmap.


Statistics show that blood loss is the leading cause of mortality among the wounded. In many cases, blood transfusions occur in hospitals, which can be too late due to the challenging conditions of evacuating from combat zones. Early blood transfusion, combined with proper hemorrhage control at the injury site and rapid evacuation, significantly increases the survival rate of those with traumatic injuries.


"In such a severe and brutal war that Ukraine is waging against the aggressor, it is critical to become better, stronger, and implement the most advanced medical practices to save patients. One such practice is pre-hospital blood transfusion by medical personnel: the sooner the wounded receive blood, the higher the chances of saving a critical patient. The strength of the interaction between the Armed Forces, PULSE as an expert organization, the project's main donor Vodafone, and other responsible businesses lies in implementing such innovations, which is not an easy task," said PULSE co-founder Fedir Serdiuk.

The first to undergo pre-hospital blood transfusion training will be medics from the Ukrainian Marine Corps combat brigades. The training course lasts four days.

Two groups of instructors have already been trained for the project. For the next three months, the plan is to train 4 to 5 groups of medics from the Ukrainian Marine Corps combat brigades and equip at least four stabilization points with blood storage, transportation, and transfusion equipment.

"We provide services that have become essential during the war, critical for survival, assistance, and saving lives. We fully support those who save lives, especially medics. Purchasing medical equipment, training, and psychological support for medics is a priority for us today," said Olga Ustinova, CEO of Vodafone Ukraine.

You can support Ukrainian medics by contributing to this vital cause via the link: Support Ukrainian Medics.



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